Pregnancy is a time of joy and wonder, but parents-to-be can also have lots of questions and concerns.

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February 01, 2018

Yes, my husband and I have chosen to keep our daughter’s name a secret until she arrives. And by secret, I mean our families don’t even know.

One of the most frequently asked questions by pregnant women, especially first-time moms-to-be is: How will I know when labor begins?

If you have questions about pregnancy tests, early pregnancy symptoms, due dates or what to expect at your first prenatal visit, our experts ...

Ah, the eternal question friends and strangers alike ask first-time moms: Are you ready for the baby?

First-time mom-to-be Rachel Lewis, a 25-year-old teacher from Richardson, was home alone watching “Friends” on Netflix on the night of Friday...

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October 18, 2017

I had pictured many times in my life how I might find out the gender of my child. A phone call? At an appointment?

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October 17, 2017

Halloween is almost here … are you ready? If not, read this family-friendly guide to healthy treats, costume cheats and haunted streets!

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September 19, 2017

In my ten short years of professional experience as an speech language pathologist, I have noticed a trend in some of the concerns that parents...