You shouldn't have to compromise on your birth plan, even if it includes some non-traditional requests. Find a hospital that supports your choices...

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March 04, 2019

First-time mom Jamie Staats talks about her experience at Medical City Plano, voted "Best Place to Have a Baby" in Collin County.

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September 21, 2018

Find the best hospital to have your baby with our 6 top tips. Hint: It's all about clinical excellence and choices.

Epidurals are the most commonly requested form of pregnancy pain relief, given to more than 50% of women during labor and delivery.

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March 01, 2018

Having a baby reminds me of getting married. Everyone is anticipating this big event that you’ve been preparing for months. Unlike a wedding,...

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February 01, 2018

Yes, my husband and I have chosen to keep our daughter’s name a secret until she arrives. And by secret, I mean our families don’t even know.

Ah, the eternal question friends and strangers alike ask first-time moms: Are you ready for the baby?

First-time mom-to-be Rachel Lewis, a 25-year-old teacher from Richardson, was home alone watching “Friends” on Netflix on the night of Friday...

Babies — even before they are born — have a mind of their own. Add multiples to the equation and you magnify the “anything can happen” quotient...

We live in a world where grandmothers are giving birth to their own granddaughters. It’s not the latest episode of your favorite soap opera —...

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February 08, 2016

Gone are the days of…well, just about everything, as the emergence of social media has been a complete game changer for sharing life milestones...

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February 04, 2016

Think you're ready to get pregnant? Amid all the fun stuff like researching baby names and searching the web for baby decor, you may have forgotten...

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January 25, 2016

When my husband and I decided to plan for baby No. 2, I found myself preparing in an entirely different way. I felt like I was a pro at the whole...

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December 16, 2015

When my “routine” fourth C-section turned into every parent’s nightmare, the NICU was the best place to be.

There is a misguided notion that after giving birth, a woman wants to leave the hospital as soon as possible and return home. The suites at Medical...