We Deliver Dreams February 01, 2016

How a Baby Changes Things (In 10 Ways You Might Not Have Thought of Yet)

We all know that pregnancy and a baby changes things — good, bad or indifferent. The more common things you might hear about are the more obvious things people talk about, like changes to your body, the amount of sleep and lifestyle in general. In all actuality, everything changes. Of course, not in bad ways, but if you have the brain space, it’s a good idea to think about these things so you are prepared for it mentally when or if it happens.

Now, this is not a “for sure this is going to happen” type of list. This is just a compilation of possibilities or some not-so-common changes to consider.

Click on the below to see the things you may not be thinking about.

So, there you have it. Some of the less-publicized post-baby changes. This isn’t to serve as something to scare you while you are eight months pregnant, because that is just mean! But these are some things that you can think about now so you aren’t completely surprised when things are a little different after your little cherub arrives!

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Tara Boyd, North Texas mother of three, to Beulah (“Boo”),Lucy (“Lu”) and little brother Jacob, dishes practical advice on marriage, motherhood and munchies with humor and southern charm in her blog, Boyd Meets Girl.

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