Basics of Baby Care

Cost: $30

This class covers all the basics of caring for your new little one. It teaches skills like changing diapers, dressing, swaddling, bathing and holding your baby. We’ll also talk about a newborns appearance and behaviors, health and safety basics, and what to expect when you go home from the hospital. It is recommended for new parents as well as new grandparents!

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Breastfeeding Course

Cost: $30

The number one concern for a new mother is breastfeeding, and rightfully so! Because we understand how import getting off to a good start is, Medical City Alliance is committed to providing you with help to make breastfeeding a positive experience. This class will cover benefits of mother's milk, how to identify feeding cues, how to know baby is eating enough, and possible problems and solutions. We will also briefly cover pumping and storage of milk, but this class is centered around breastfeeding the newborn and what to expect in the first few weeks of baby’s life. Dad, or a support person, is definitely encouraged to attend!

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Breastfeeding Support Group


This support group’s goal to help mothers and babies learn from other moms about their own successes and challenges with breastfeeding. The support group will be led by a board certified lactation consultant or breastfeeding educator. Pregnant mothers are also encouraged to attend! This allows them to see breastfeeding first hand, and have their questions or concerns about breastfeeding answered.

This is meant not for mothers with severe breastfeeding problems, or to take the place of an Outpatient visit. Please call the number listed below to speak with a lactation consultant, or for a referral to a location that does individual consults.

This class is scheduled to meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month from 10:00am - 11:00am. You don’t have to register to attend, but feel free to contact the Family Education office at (817) 639-1271 or email to get email reminders and updates. The cost is free, and will meet in the Medical Office building next to Medical City Alliance on the 3rd floor.

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Do it Yourself Childbirth Course

Cost: $75

Can't come to class? We can come to you!

Our new online childbirth class is the perfect alternative for busy parents needing a flexible class schedule or for moms on bed rest. Have you given birth before? This online class is a great refresher course! While nothing can replace the personal connection of an on-site childbirth class, you’ll learn the same essential information, including what’s happening to your changing body, how you’ll know when you are really in labor, helpful comfort techniques, advice for partners, an overview of medical procedures, and much more.

InJoy eClass Preview: Understanding Birth

Hospital Tour


This is a guided tour of our Women’s Services floor at Medical City Alliance. Tours will meet in the main lobby of the hospital, and will leave promptly at the scheduled start time. For the safety of our patients, you will not be allowed to tour our Maternity floor unless you are accompanied by our RN. Tours are included in the Prepared Childbirth class, so you do not need to sign up for an additional tour. Register here if you only want a tour of our facility, and have not signed up for a Prepared Childbirth class.

Tour participants will learn about maternity services offered, labor and delivery suites, postpartum rooms, nursery, as well as hospital amenities. Space is limited, and may fill up quickly, so don’t wait to reserve your time!

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Prepared Childbirth Class

Cost: $75

For first time parents, this class covers all aspects of childbirth. Participants will learn about labor signs, pain management, inductions, labor interventions, what happens during delivery, and caring for yourself after delivery. This class briefly covers relaxation and breathing techniques, but is not intended for those learning Lamaze. We recommend you also take a Lamaze class if you are choosing a non-medicated birth. Since this class covers only childbirth, we suggest taking a Breastfeeding class as well as Basics of Baby Care.

Weekday classes are taught in a series of three classes, in three consecutive weeks. Series start on the first Tuesday of the month. Please note that the last class day meets 30 min early to include the hospital tour. The weekend series will include all the same information as the weekday class, but is taught over the course of one day. The weekend class includes a hospital tour as well, but will spend less time on breathing/relaxation techniques due to the time constraints.

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