Prepared Childbirth

Cost: $40 for two

This one-day class assists the expectant mother and her support person in preparing physically and emotionally for the childbirth experience. The class covers what to expect during labor and delivery, as well as techniques to help cope effectively. A tour of the Women's Hospital and what can be expected here at MCA is also a part of this class. You will have an hour lunch break and you will be on your own for lunch.

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Infant Care

Cost: $20 for two

This two-hour class is designed for the mom and coach interested in learning to care for the newborn. Topics covered range from bathing to buying suitable baby equipment and general safety considerations for infants and young children.

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Breastfeeding Class

Cost: $20 for two

This two-hour class covers information to allow for a successful breastfeeding experience. Topics include preparation for nursing, how to get started, available resources, how to express and store milk, and other helpful hints. Fathers or coaches are welcome to come learn how to contribute and offer support.

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Sibling Class

Cost: $10 for 1 child or $15 for 2 or more

This 90-minute class helps prepare youngsters for a new brother or sister with discussions and activities. A tour helps siblings become familiar with the hospital setting and feel a part of the birth experience. This class is designed for ages 3 and up, although those 10 and up may benefit more from the Infant CareClass.

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