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Best Childbirth Classes in Collin County

Medical City Plano for having the Best Childbirth Classes in Collin County for 2019.

Women's Services Education Classes and Support Groups

Women's Services at Medical City Plano offers a wide range of classes and support groups for women of all ages. From preparing for a new baby to support groups for healing after a loss, we offer many community programs for education and support.

For questions about classes or support groups, call (214) 473-7317.

Preparation for Childbirth Series

Are you worried about childbirth? Need help preparing? This comprehensive set of classes covers:

  • Understanding labor
  • Active coach participation
  • Breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Positive labor and pushing positions
  • Pain relief in labor
  • Hospital routines
  • Mock labor experience
  • A tour of the hospital
  • Baby care
  • Preparation for breastfeeding
  • Infant safety/CPR

It is best to begin the program when you are 27 to 28 weeks along in your pregnancy. This series of classes is free for couples delivering at Medical City Plano, for all classes except Infant Safety/CPR ($30 charge for mannequin and DVD kit, which you will take home with you to use as a refresher for infant CPR).

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If you would rather take the Childbirth & Breastfeeding Education classes separately, choose from this list:

Hospital Orientation Class & Tour

Get to know the place where you'll give birth, tour the maternity facilities and receive answers to your questions.

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Refresher Course

Designed for women who have given birth before, this three-hour class updates moms on the latest relaxation techniques and other trends in labor and delivery.

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Newborn Baby Care Class

For all first-time parents who are delivering at Medical City Plano (grandparents are also welcome), you'll receive instruction on newborn care, including the following topics: bathing, circumcision care, feeding, crying and much more.

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Infant Safety & CPR

You never know when you may need it. So get educated now on infant safety, the choke-save technique for infants, and infant CPR.

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Toddler Safety & CPR

Continue your learning from the Infant Safety & CPR class, and learn first aid and safety techniques that could save the life of your 1- to 8-year old.

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Preparation for Breastfeeding

This two-hour class educates moms-to-be on the benefits and techniques of breastfeeding.

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Breast Pumping Class

Attention, all working mommies — you don't want to miss this one. Learn about various types of pumps, as well as techniques for pumping and storing breast milk. You'll be ready to return to the office while continuing to breastfeed.

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Outpatient Lactation Clinic

Feeling frustrated by the challenges of breastfeeding? Don't despair - our Outpatient Lactation Clinic (Medical Office Building I) will help you find the techniques and equipment that work best for you. Schedule an appointment (for a fee) with Lactation Consultant for support, information and guidance. To schedule an appointment, please call us at (972) 519-1450 .

Pre-Natal Yoga

Pregnancy is an incredibly special time, requiring a unique awareness of your body. Yoga keeps you safely fit through gentle toning. A registered yoga teacher (and mom) will teach you breathing exercises and body movement tools to help with labor and relaxation. You'll also learn how yoga can help nurture yourself and your new baby.

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Post-Natal "Mommy & Me" Yoga

After childbirth, you need to focus on strengthening your core muscles again, as well as soothing stretches and relaxation. Many of the poses in this class are interactive with your baby, and there will also be other fun activities to entertain your little one. To attend, infants should be at least 5 weeks old with some neck control. Class is instructed by a registered yoga teacher (and mom).

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Teddy Bear Camp

Designed for expectant siblings who are 2 or 3 years old, this class helps your children prepare for a new little brother or sister. Siblings bring their teddy bear with them and listen to a story, hear about what new babies are able to do, and learn how to hold them (with parent's assistance). They'll also make a door hanger for the baby's nursery at home. Parents are welcome to attend.

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New Baby Day Camp

This fun-filled day at camp helps expectant siblings ages 4+ prepare for the arrival of a new baby. The hospital is transformed into a camping and hiking area for kids to explore as they learn about becoming a big brother or sister.

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New Dads 101

A seminar designed for first-time fathers, topics include: our own fathers as role models, care of new moms and babies, returning to intimacy, forming a family, "Dad the Protector," and Dad and baby on the go.

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Grandparenting 101: Caring for Kids Today

All you new grandmas and grandpas, this one's for you. Learn about: adjusting to your new role, new ways of caring for your grandbaby, new products available, and baby-proofing techniques. You'll also learn about the important bond between grandparents and grandchildren and about infant brain development, so you can make the most of all your special times together.

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Infertility Peer-led Support Group Presented by Resolve

If you're having trouble conceiving, life can feel bleak. It may seem that everyone else is getting pregnant, and you're left wondering why you can't. You may be pursuing medical options to overcome infertility, but don't forget to care for your emotional well-being too. Unload your feelings, and learn healthy ways to cope with this struggle through the Resolve Infertility Support Group. View our Support Groups page to learn more.