How Can I Customize My Birthing Experience?

Medical City Healthcare hospitals give you lots of choices and amenities to customize your childbirth experience. Plus, our commitment to following your birth plan is matched only by our dedication to the health and safety of you and your baby.

What Should I Pack in My Hospital “Go” Bag?

Wondering what to pack in the bag you’ll take to the hospital when you deliver your baby? Likely all you’ll really need are a few toiletries, comfortable clothes (no hospital gowns required!) and some cute baby clothes to take your bundle of joy home in. Keep it simple and stress-free.

Is a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) Safe?

Having a vaginal birth after a cesarean section can be safe for some women. Having your medical records from your previous delivery will help your doctor make that determination.

Are Epidurals Safe?

Epidurals are a great option for women looking to have pain relief during labor and can be used safely at any point in the delivery.

Should I Get an Epidural?

The decision to have an epidural (the most popular form of pain relief during labor) is different for everyone and may even change during labor.

Should I Feel Guilty for Having an Epidural?

More than 50 percent of women have an epidural during childbirth. Asking for pain relief during delivery is not something anyone should feel guilty about.

How Soon After Delivery Is It Safe to Resume Sex?

Experts typically recommend waiting at least four weeks after delivery to resume sexual activity.

How Do I Burp My Newborn Baby?

Watch a newborn nursery nurse show how to correctly relieve the gas in your newborn’s tummy.

How Do I Use a Bulb Syringe on My Newborn Baby?

A bulb syringe can help you clear your newborn baby’s nose or throat if he or she is choking or has a stuffy nose. Watch as a newborn nursery nurse demonstrates how to do it.

How Do I Care for My Newborn Baby’s Umbilical Cord?

A newborn nursery nurse explains how to care for your baby’s umbilical cord.

How Do I Swaddle My Newborn Baby?

Babies love to be swaddled — it makes them feel safe and secure. A newborn nursery shows you how to do it the traditional way using a blanket.

How Do I Swaddle My Baby Using a Sleep Sack?

Using a sleep sack can be an easier way to swaddle a baby than with a traditional blanket, especially for new parents.