How Soon Can I Take a Pregnancy Test?

There are three tests that are typically used to confirm pregnancy:

  • A home pregnancy test will give fairly valid results around 10 days after conception, but may be more accurate if taken a full two weeks after conception or after a missed period
  • A clinical urine test at your doctor’s office isn’t necessarily more accurate than a home pregnancy test, but your OB/GYN may be able to eliminate any possible errors that could affect the accuracy of the test
  • A blood test taken in your doctor’s office is very accurate and can detect levels of hCG (a pregnancy hormone) earlier than a urine test

How Do I Calculate My Due Date?

You can calculate your approximate due date by adding 40 weeks to the first day of your last menstrual period.

What Are Some Early Signs of Pregnancy?

About 25 percent of pregnant women will not have any early pregnancy symptoms. Those who do most commonly experience:

  • Missed period
  • Exhaustion
  • Urinating more than normal
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Breast tenderness
  • Maybe some light spotting

How Do I Choose an Obstetrician?

You may want to choose your hospital before you choose an OB/GYN. This way, you can make sure the hospital has the choices, amenities and high level of neonatal care (NICU) that you might need. When choosing an obstetrician, it’s important to select one that you can trust.

What Can I Expect at My First Prenatal Visit?

You may be wondering what happens at your first prenatal appointment, which may be the longest doctor’s appointment you’ve ever had.

Here’s what to expect at your first prenatal visit:

  • An ultrasound to confirm the due date
  • A time to discuss
    • Proper nutrition and supplements
    • Symptoms such as nausea and tips and tricks to avoid it
    • Any additional questions parents may have
    • Paperwork, insurance and billing

Now that you know what to expect at your first prenatal appointment, find a doctor today. (button?)

How Do You Know If Spotting Is a Sign of Miscarriage?

Often, there’s no way to know if spotting during pregnancy is a sign of miscarriage without a doctor’s exam. Call your obstetrician if you have any bleeding, no matter how slight.

How Much Weight Should I Gain During Pregnancy?

Weight gain during pregnancy is a hot topic among pregnant women. The answer varies, but women who start at a healthy weight are encouraged to gain between 25 to 35 pounds.

How Can I Eat Healthy During Pregnancy?

To control pregnancy weight gain and provide adequate nutrition to your growing baby, experts recommend adding 300 extra calories a day, divided into two small, nutritious snacks. Eat lots of protein and vegetables and drink lots of water. Limit seafood to twice a week to avoid getting too much mercury. Check with your OB if you have questions about specific foods to avoid.

Are There Any Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy?

Experts caution against eating uncooked or undercooked foods that may harbor harmful bacteria, such as raw fish, raw sushi or raw eggs. Pregnant women should also avoid unpasteurized dairy products.

Should Pregnant Women Get a Flu Shot?

The CDC recommends flu shots in every trimester unless you are allergic to the vaccine. Flu and pregnancy can be very life-threatening, with complications including pneumonia, meningitis, brain abnormalities and respiratory problems, so it’s especially important to get a flu shot during pregnancy.

Do I Need Prenatal Genetic Screening?

Genetic screening is recommended for all women over 35, but it's available to pregnant women of all ages.

Is It Safe to Clean a Litter Box While Pregnant?

Changing the litter of an indoor cat is probably safe if you follow good handwashing hygiene. If you have an outdoor cat, it’s best to ask someone else to do it.

How Do You Avoid Toxoplasmosis in Pregnancy?

To protect yourself from toxoplasmosis during pregnancy, avoid uncooked or undercooked meat, handling soil or changing the litter box of an outdoor cat.

Are Swollen Feet, Ankles and Hands Common During Pregnancy?

While it's common to experience swelling of the feet, ankles and hands, your physician might want to run some tests to rule out related diseases.

How Should I Sleep During My Pregnancy?

From sleeping on your left side to provide more blood flow to the baby and using pillows for support and elevation, we’ve got tips to help you stay calm and sleep on!

What Are the Best Foods to Eat?

A healthy, balanced diet is what's best for both mother and baby.

What Beauty Treatments Are Safe During Pregnancy?

Experts caution patients to stay away from injectables such as Botox® and other fillers. Treatments that don’t permeate the skin, including eyelashes, hair color, nails and waxing are all fine. Avoid spray tanning products because there’s no data to show whether the chemicals are safe or not.

How Can I Pamper Myself During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy wreaks havoc with your body and your hormones, so ease those pregnancy aches and pains with prenatal massages, foot rubs and safe beauty treatments.

Can I Drink Diet Sodas During Pregnancy?

Because they offer no nutritional content, diet sodas are not recommended for pregnant women. But they can be enjoyed occasionally.

Is It Safe to Eat Cheese?

Most cheese is pasteurized and safe for pregnant women to eat. Unpasteurized cheeses, commonly found at specialty stores, should be avoided.

Is Foot Reflexology Safe During Pregnancy?

Experts say you should probably avoid foot reflexology during pregnancy.

Are Prenatal Massages a Good Idea During Pregnancy?

Prenatal massages from a professional trained in the special needs of pregnant women can be great to relieve stress and back pain.

Is It Safe to Go in a Hot Tub During Pregnancy?

Experts recommend avoiding any water that is hotter than about 98.6, or normal body temperature.

Will My Shoe Size Change During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy weight gain and swelling will most likely increase your shoe size. See what other changes your body goes through during pregnancy.

How Can I Reduce Swelling in my Feet and Ankles?

There are several ways for women to reduce swelling during pregnancy. The most obvious is resting when not standing or walking.

Should I Play Music for My Baby in the Womb?

Playing music for your baby in the womb can be a good opportunity to begin bonding, as well as potentially stimulating developing language centers as early as the third trimester.